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JHN™ Timebox Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • $79.95

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  • Awesome Bluetooth Speaker with 121 programmable LEDs
  • 8 hours play time
  • Follows the rhythms of your music
  • Create your own pixel art animation on the display
  • Fits in nearly every pocket (3.5 x 3.6 x 1.5 inch)
  • Much more functionality build in

You can do so much with this awesome speaker:




Play Music

Connect your phone via Bluetooth and listen to your music everywhere. You can choose between multiple light effects which will follow the rhythms of the music played.


You can set the Timebox-Mini to show you notification icons when your phone receives alerts from a variety of communication mediums, including Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Instagram or WhatsApp.

Pixel Art and Animations

The Timebox app comes with a huge online library of pixel art stills and animations that you can display on the clock's screen. The selection includes pics of popular characters such as Spider-Man and Pikachu; famous logos like those of Apple and Pepsi; and plenty of random stuff,like a UFO, an umbrella and a watermelon. Yet another menu loads images from the cloud that other users have contributed.

There is also a ton of attractive animations, including several rainbow patterns, an 8-bit fire burning and an image of Tetris.


The Timebox-Mini will not only play audio to wake you but will also show cool animations on its screen. You stop the alarm by hitting the play button on the top of the clock.

Daily Planner

The Timebox-Mini's Daily Planner feature lets you set animations to remind you to perform activities at different times of the day.

On the sample "daily time planner" for adults, wake up is scheduled for 7 a.m., and shows a ringing clock; breakfast is 7:20 to 8 a.m., and shows a glass and bowl; and coffee time, scheduled for 4 p.m., shows a steaming mug. At those times, the clock briefly rings and shows the picture flashing on the screen for a few seconds.